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Ambiance supplier and family business since 1937

Our history as family business goes back two generations. Marinus Sunderman used to work as a farrier back in 1937, and started as decorative blacksmith in 1946 in Kampen, the Netherlands. Due to his dedication and manual dexterity and his imagination, his passion unfolded into developing and fabricating beautiful products.

Thereafter Carino Sunderman, the son of Marinus, came into the picture. Carino quit his job and followed the footsteps of his father as decorative blacksmith. He started in Delft (a city in the Netherlands) with the tools that his father had left him, such as his hammer and anvil. Carino expressed his creativity by creating jewellery (of steel), candle holders, fencing, signboards, lamps, coat racks and hinges and locks for the conservation of monuments.

After a few years the smithy expanded, and Carino developed the first fireplace named the ‘vuurbol’ (translation: fireball). It didn’t take long until the fabrication of decorative ironwork such as fencing completely stopped. Carino continued as developer of fireplaces and gas fires.

Wout Sunderman, Carino’s son, appeared in the workshop from a young age. During his holidays he used to help out, and particularly found the contact with clients and the sales of products interesting. Wout decided in 2008 to start working full-time in the family business, together with his father. In April 2009, Wout and Carino launched a new patio fire under the brand name: Sunwood. The name Sunwood originates from the last names of Wout’s parents: ‘Sunderman’ and ‘Van Turenhout’.

Carino Sunderman in the workshop

Meet the team

Sunwood Dutch Design

  • Carino Sunderman
    Carino Sunderman Founder
  • Wout Sunderman
    Wout Sunderman Owner, Founder
  • Lotte Sunderman
    Lotte Sunderman Administration
  • Obi
    Obi Feel good management

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