Marino Premium Corten Steel

This patio fire has been weathered to perfection

Cool and sturdy

The weathered steel is a true statement for every outdoor space.

360º Design

Aesthetically pleasing. The patio fire is beautiful from every angle.

Made in Holland

Made by our professional team in our own factory near Rotterdam.

Marino Premium Corten Steel

Sturdy, robust and unique design

Time will only make it better. The natural oxidising finish gives every unit a unique appearance. In addition, the rusty red-brown colour of this patio fire is a true statement for each garden or terrace.

Corten steel does not require maintenance

Enjoy the fire while nature does its work. Corten steel does not require any maintenance. Hence the purchase of a protective cover is also unnecessary.

The perfect addition to any industrial outdoor space

The robust and industrial appearance of the Marino Corten Steel is the perfect finishing touch for your outdoor space. This product will provide you with the same warmth and cosiness like the standard patio fire. Although if you are really looking for something completely unique, the corten steel is definitely the way to go.

Marino Premium Corten Steel Sunwood Patio Fire

Product characteristics

Contemporary design 100% Dutch Design
Easy to use Adjustable flame height
Product safety CE-certified by KIWA
Economic burn rate Up to 35 hours / bottle
Dimensions 126 x 42 x 42 cm
Where to buy Locate your dealer

Are you (hospitality)entrepreneur?
Discover the benefits of our patio fires for the hospitality industry and receive a tailor-made offer.

The Marino patio fire will keep you warm

Chilly summer evenings become more pleasant with the Marino patio fire. Whether it is a romantic get-together or a lively barbecue with friends. The patio fire is built to keep you warm.

The modern and timeless design matches with any garden or terrace. In addition, the fact that the fire is visible from all four sides is what makes this patio fire unique. The warm atmosphere invites you to tell stories. Just like old times.

Suited for the hospitality industry and at home

The Marino patio fire is suited for use in the hospitality industry. The comfortable warmth and attractiveness ensure that you will have a full terrace, even during cooler evenings.

The mobile patio heater is suited for your garden interior at home as well. One gas canister provides many hours of warmth and cosiness. Furthermore, the Sunwood Marino is one of the safest products in its class.

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